Friday, February 13, 2009


As part of a strategy to make myself stay on top of updating and improving the, I decided to add the website to the top of my business card. Because of this I'll need to be sure the site is always up to date or else risk much embarrassment or even cost myself a job. Eeek! I immediately regret this decision.

It's not that I am unmotivated to work on the magazine, and in truth I write a great deal and sketch ideas for it on a regular basis. But, as in the context of everything else in my life, the New Athenian is a side project and a big thing to tackle (in terms of time and energy) - especially considering my ever growing to do lists. The project means a lot to me, but I know that what needs to be done right now is not going to be quick or easy. As a result, it has been easy to keep pushing the big revamps and updates to "next weekend."

This could be a dangerous experiment, but it could be a great mechanism for staying as accountable to myself as am for others. I've found it's much easier to get tasks done when there are deadlines, time lines and colleagues/ team members relying on me to get it done. Now, hopefully writing and design Jason will need to be a little more accountable to looking for a job Jason, and vice versa. Because now I'm a team, or something.