Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just for Advertising!

I discovered two things today that I'm almost afraid to bring up for fear of undercutting myself if any potential employers or even industry colleagues come across this - i.e. I can't believe this is new for him. But anyways, has anyone heard of this wikipedia thing? Anyone can edit it - what??... j/k.

So, I spend a lot of time studying advertising and new media. I'm usually seeking out, exploring and studying different corners of the internet, searching for online niche communities and seeing what they're up to etc. But, until today, I never thought much about turning that search on myself and looking for communities that deal with advertising. So I had a real ah-ha moment when I came across Similar to myBO (a site for Barack Obama supporters I'll talk more about in a later post), it's a social media site just for industry people. I'm excited to start using it, and glad I finally came across it. Phew.

Also, I discovered an online comic strip called Words & Pictures that's about working in advertising. It's funny, creative (of course) and innapropriate - and I've been clicking through its archives for the last couple hours. Check it out.

I'm sure there is more great stuff out there, and I'm excited to find it. Let me know if you already have!