Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A List of To Do Lists?

As I organized my desk tonight I started filing away all the scraps of paper that had recently accumulated in stacks into folders. I already has some started for different projects I have been working on for both school and not-school, but I had to make a few new ones too. Then laying out folder after folder so that they tiled my bed blue, black and manila, I was surprised at how quickly I found my deliciously comfy full size mattress (with 2 inches of foam padding, yeah awesome I know), covered with a card stock blanket.

There were so many folders that I started forgetting what each was for. Realizing that I also really had no idea just how many different projects I was actually invested in, I counted. All told, I found that had 12 plus things I should be working on each week. This should not have been news to me, but sadly it was.

I'm not sure how, or rather when, my pile got so large, but it's not something that I will be cutting back on as I don't think there are any optional projects I would boot. And, so far I've been managing to scrape by, even terrible managed so with a system how can I fail? But still, adventures in time management are in my near future. And, as the human mind can only hold 7 things at its forefront at the same time, and I still need to buy a new T pass every so often and um... eat, I'm sure there will be a lot more lists in my life after this one.

On the upside, my resume is almost done! Awesome!