Friday, October 1, 2010

I made The Huffington Post!

Yesterday, a piece I wrote about Hillary's popularity in Pennsylvania, actually made it onto The Huffington Post. Could Hillary Save the Day in PA? Woot! While David and the rest of the SUPRC team certainly deserve just as much credit (if not more) for painstakingly designing and executing a great study, I'm also very happy that I was able to express our findings in a Huff-tastic way.

In short, we discovered that while across the board Democrats aren't doing very well in PA, that Hillary's favorability spikes with undecideds, especially for women and middle age voters.

"Among voters still undecided for governor, Clinton's popularity is 66% favorable to just 24% unfavorable, suggesting that she could make an impact in the Governor's race. Further, a majority of undecided voters for U.S. Senate have a favorable opinion of Clinton (52%), while just 34% have an unfavorable of Clinton..."

Can the Secretary of State campaign? Maybe, though probably not (be it legally prohibited or perhaps just in bad form). However, this certainly wouldn't stop Clinton from making an appearance, having a photo op and using that photo on a direct mail piece. Further, come election day a targeted robo calls as part of the Democratic GOTV effort could make a huge difference.

This piece was part of a larger strategy we're working on at SUPRC to help promote our Director, David Paleologos, and the work he's done here at Suffolk. More often than not Suffolk has been right on the money with our polling, beating more established, better known polling organizations in terms of accuracy. For the last few weeks we've been working hard to make David a new website and put together a blog to featuring the data from our state polls. And, we've just finished!

Check out his new blog, In reality, the real work has just begun, but it's nice to have the logos designed and a few posts up. And, scoring a piece on Huffington isn't a bad way to kick things off either.